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 Linkshell Lotting

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PostSubject: Linkshell Lotting   Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:25 pm

Trial Members (as of 2/25/09) * Does not effect anyone before that date

Lotting rights
Level 15 Armor: Must attend 1 run before being able to lot any armor. Unless leaders say you may lot.
Level 25 Armor: Must attend 5 runs before being able to lot any armor. Unless leaders say you may lot.
Level 35 Armor: Must attend 8 runs before being able to lot any armor. Unless leaders say you may lot.

Even if you just need one piece to complete your armor, you must follow the Trial Member rule. No exceptions


1) Each member in the group will choose 5 pieces that they want, from most to least. We will work on your Primary and Secondary piece first. These pieces will determine which zones and NM's we will target our various trips into Ruins of Al'dazaal.

2) Once a Primary piece is obtained, there will be a roll over and the secondary piece will become that members primary.

3) Once this rollover occurs, you will move down the list of the 5 piece you selected in order.

4) For this reason, once you choose a primary and secondary piece, there will not be the ability to change them, especially since every run is tailored to target pieces.

5) If you obtain your Primary piece before others, please don't insist that we focus on your new primary piece until everybody else in the group has had a chance to obtain a piece

6) People who have near (within 5) the same amount of runs will be allowed to lot against each other if a piece were to drop

7) If a member in the group has obtained a 35 piece ( IN THE GROUP ) and for example a 25 piece drops, they will have priority over someone who does not have the 35 piece.

8 ) The reasoning for this is so that we can complete pieces, it does us no good to have a 25 piece here, a 35 piece there, and a 15 piece way over there.

9) When switching pieces after the primary and secondary, there will be a priority system in place based upon when someone switched to the piece. Example: Player A switched to Usukane Somen, shortly after Player B switched to Usukane Somen, no matter if Player B has more runs or not Player A still maintains priority on the piece.

10) Priority for piece CAN be lost if a member shows poor attendance or an overall bad attitude and lack of dedication to the group.

11) We will be targeting 35 pieces because they are the hardest to obtain out of the three (aside from possibly just having poor luck with boss drops).

12) Runs and Jobs will not be announced until the time of gather together, this will allow us the ability to control the runs depending on both attendance and will ensure people aren't prone to miss runs that might not benefit them (not that anybody would anyways)

13) There will be a 3 run minimum attendance before a member is allowed to lot. Upon attendance of their 4th run, a member will be allowed to lot pieces according to their designated primary/secondary and/or any piece that goes free lot. Takes effect June 19 2008.

14) Free lot pieces are going to be lotted on in the assumption that they WILL be upgraded and will be on your list of 5. If you think the 35 piece is just neat for level 35, or you don't intend to upgrade it for a long time, be considerate and see if there is a fellow member in the linkshell who intends to upgrade that piece soon.

15) Item lotting will be the following order (as discussed earlier):

Primary lotters with 35 piece (that was obtain with us)
Primary lotters without the 35 piece
Secondary lotters with 35 piece (that was obtained with us)
Secondary lotters without 35 piece
Free lot equippable at 75 with intention to upgrade
Free lot equippable (yes this means if you're level 35 then you can lot a 35 piece if it gets this far
16) There will also be an additional priority system in effect that will decipher who has the ability to lot first on the items, these consideration will include:

Day the piece selection was initiated (what day that person chose thise piece as a primary/secondary
Number of runs with the group
Recent attendance (Is the member in danger of being removed due to lack of attendance?)

17) There will be a rule set in place for primary and secondary pieces...if you are leveling a job and would like a piece for you up coming job you can still place a primary or secondary piece on that list, but you must pass to someone who already has the job at 75 and has the same corresponding primary and/or secondary job.

18 ) A new item called Alexandrite drops in Salvage. This item is to upgrade the Nyzul Isle weapon. This item will only be lotted by leaders. (check forum for update)

19) Leaders (Unicron, Lagian or Danilo) will keep track of everybody's run history and attendance records, along with the days that people sign up for pieces, we will also update these rules as we see fit and as our group develops further.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. " Unicron, Lagian or Danilo"
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Linkshell Lotting
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